Philips/Respironics Everflo Oxygen Concentrator, Why Philips everflo oxygen concentrator is top selling machine ?

Philips Everflo Oxygen Concentrator is a trustworthy and cost-effective device for oxygen therapy. This machine designed and manufactured in such a way that the overall maintenance cost is relatively low.

Philips Everflo oxygen concentrator also searched and known with the name as  Philips everflo, Everflo oxygen concentrator, It is a 14.00 kg stationary oxygen concentrator for home use which provides continuous oxygen flow up to 5 Litres Per Minute (LPM).

Philips everflo is one of the most online searched and top-selling Oxygen Concentrator in India, due to Philips’ brand name popularity.

6 reasons that makes the Philips Everflo Oxygen Concentrator top-selling. 


  1. Lightweight for easy transport : The Philips EverFlo Oxygen concentrator weighs in at only 31 pounds, reducing shipping and storage costs and risk of injury.

  2. Compact design looks less like a medical machine :  Philips EverFlo Oxygen concentrator's ergonomic design takes up less space and doesn't draw as much attention.

  3. Low maintenance for reduced service costs : No homecare provider filter change for two years. Patients do not ever have to change filters.

  4. Lower power consumption makes EverFlo patient-friendly : The system uses less electricity and produces less heat.

  5. Recessed flow meter reduces accidental breakage : Recessed flow meter reduces accidental breakage in Philips EverFlo Oxygen concentrator.

  6. Oxygen purity indicator option for increased security : Philips EverFlo Oxygen concentrator is available with or without oxygen purity indicator. This OPI (Oxygen Percentage Indicator) ultrasonically measures oxygen output as a purity indication.


Top considerable specifications for Philips Oxygen Concentrator.


  • Weight  :  Philips Everflo Oxygen Concentrator has net weight of 14 Kg.  It is lighter than industry average in 5 LPM homcare oxygen concentrator.

  • Oxygen Purity  : Philips Everflo Oxygen Concentrator has output oxygen purity of 90-95% up to Maximum flow of 5LPM.

  • Power consumption  :  Power consumption of Philips Everflo Oxygen Concentrator is 350W.  Which means it consumes 1 unit of electricity every 3 hours. 

  • Dimensions  :  Dimension of Philips Everflo Oxygen Concentrator has height of 23.00 inch, width of 15.00 inch & depth of 9.50 inch. Philips Everflo Oxygen Concentrator is almost 24% smaller than average size of 5 LPM Oxygen Concentrator machines available in India.

  • Price :   Philips Everflo Oxygen Concentrator priced is between ₹55,000-60,000 in India depending on your location.  Check the latest price on Hospitals store  Check Philips Everflo Price


Philips Everflo oxygen Concentrator Specifications.


  • Dimensions

58.4 cm H x 38.1 cm W x 24.1 cm D (23″ H x 15″ W x 9.5″ D)

  • Sound level

45 (typical) dB

  • Operating Altitude

0 to 2286 m (0 to 7500 ft)

  • Oxygen concentration* (at 5 LPM)

93 +/- 3 %

  • Input Voltage

220V AC  +/- 10% VAC ( In India) 

  • Storage/Transport Humidity

-34°C to 71°C (-30°F to 160°F) up to 95% relative humidity

  • Weight

14 (31) kg (lbs)

  • Input Frequency

50 Hz in India and Europe 

  • Average Power Consumption

350 W

  • Operating Humidity

up to 95 %

  • Liter Flow

0.5 - 5 l/min

  • Operating Temperature

12°C to 32°C/55°F to 90°F

  • Outlet Pressure

5.5 PSI

  • OPI (Oxygen Percentage Indicator) Alarm Levels

Low Oxygen (82%) and Very Low Oxygen (70%)